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Building Blocks Initiative:  Open call for Contributors


The aim of the Building Blocks initiative is to develop a shared and free-to-access teaching content resource for SCOSA members.

The Building Blocks will consist of 30 minute (max) recorded talks on areas of the core curriculum from contributors based in academia and industry.  Initially the blocks will be focused on providing content to support schools in meeting the requirements of the 2021 ARB Guidance on Fire and Life Safety.


An honorarium of £350 will be provided by SCOSA on successful completion and upload and access. 


The Contributor may be asked to periodically update their video when updates are required and an additional honorarium of £150 will be offered for every completed substantial revision.

Schedule of talks

Fire & Life Safety  (Design) blocks

An introduction to the science of fire

The science of fire, smoke generation and spread.


An introduction to the principles of designing for fire

Design principles to minimise the risk of smoke and fire.


An introduction to fire access and egress

Means of escape in case of fire.  Appropriate access to buildings and facilities for emergency services.


Fire safety and performance in detailed design

The significance of product specification to fire safety and performance as part of a construction system.


Fire & Life Safety (Ethics) blocks


An introduction to ethics in fire & life safety design

The importance of an ethical approach; that the health and safety of building constructors, users and the public must always outweigh any other obligations of an architect.  The potential health and safety consequences of poor design decisions. The significance of maintaining competence and challenging the competence of others.


Fire & Life Safety (Managing Risk) blocks

An introduction to managing risk

The principles of risk management. The role of the architect within the design team.  The role of design in protecting building users from hazards during use and maintenance.


Risk management in architectural practice

The key pieces of legislation and regulations relating to health & safety. The risks and benefits of different procurement routes.


Stage 1:  Invitations and call for participants

Open call to SCOSA members (Jan-Feb2022). Closes 18th February 2022

Expressions of interest should be emailed to Alex Wright (



Stage 2: Drafting and Review

The Contributor will provide a draft copy of the PowerPoint to be used along with a draft of the commentary to be provided.  The draft will be reviewed, typically by members of the SCOSA working groups, with any comments returned to the Contributor for approval.

Once any revisions are agreed between the Contributor and Reviewer the stage is complete.

Stage 3:  Content production

The final recording should incorporate the title and end slides provided.  The edited video should be no longer that 20 mins in length. The final version should be provided in MP4 or other agreed format.

All content should be available for open access distribution.  No material subject to copyright should be included. Content should meet the general requirements for accessibility.


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