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The Standing Conference Of Schools of Architecture (SCOSA) is an organisation to which every UK Recognised School of Architecture, of which there are currently 56, is a member. There are also a number of associate members of schools which are not fully recognised.

It is a unique organisation in that it provides a forum for debate and exchange of ideas between schools  trying to achieve similar goals in different institutions. It meets formally three times each year, holds an annual conference each September and is now the only relevant and influential mouthpiece for architectural education.


Its constitutional objectives are:

  • To promote the interests of architectural education.

  • To promote the concerns of the Schools of Architecture and liaise, as an independent body, with other bodies which concern themselves with architectural education and have interests in cognate areas of work, seeking to influence positively and creatively the direction of changes needed in the future.

  • To seek to influence the climate of opinion by arranging for the collation, collection and dissemination of information concerning architectural education and to publish either under its own aegis, or in collaboration with other bodies, scholarly material deriving from the activity of the Schools of Architecture.

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