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AI in Architectural Education Working Group

The AI and Architecture Working group explores the opportunities and limitations of AI applied to architectural education. We will focus on immediate guidance for schools on the ethics of copyright, referencing and plagiarism, but also look to explore how aspirational use of AI by students might lead to improved social and developmental outcomes for the profession. One of the key issues will be to establish guidance on the Knowledge Behaviours and Skills that students will need in order to integrate these processes into their academic and future practice work.




Des Fagan - Lancaster University (Lead)

Sherif Eltarabishy – Foster and Partners

Stephen Parnell – Newcastle University

Carlos Medel-Vera – Liverpool University

Jonatahan Bassindale – UWE

Nick Kolbe – London Met

Tolu Onabolu - Newcastle University


Progress (Early ’24):


  • First meetings to discuss approaches to structuring work.

  • Have now amassed a group of academics and practitioners with an incredible depth of knowledge and interest in AI.

  • Forthcoming meetings will discuss case studies in education.

  • We intend to apply for SCOSA Council for funds to survey Schools in response / answer to the RIBA AI practice survey.


Draft Report Objectives:


  1. The Definition of AI in Architectural Education

  2. The Ethics of AI in Architectural Education (student referencing & copyright)

  3. On the Inter-relationship of AI Architectural Education with AI Architectural Practice

  4. Case studies in AI Education UG / PG

  5. Case Studies in AI Practice

  6. Establish Guidance / Taxonomy of Knowledge / Skills and Behaviour for AI use for Architecture Students and Staff at UG and PG


Please contact Des Fagan with any queries.

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