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ARB Guidelines

Guidelines on `Fire & Life Safety Design` and `Sustainability` issued to SCHOSA by ARB with the following statement:


The guidance has been developed within input from academics, practitioners, the RIBA/other professional bodies as well as experts in each field.


Our Board has resolved that this guidance must be issued to all institutions providing prescribed qualifications, but we are of course desperately keen to produce a document that is not only impactful, but deliverable. Because of this we would very much welcome your feedback on the guidance as it is currently drafted, and also on what else – if anything – we can do to help schools in the delivery of this subject matter.  We would also welcome your thoughts and views on the timing of the implementation of the guidance.


We are looking to take the guidance to the Board at its meeting in early February 2021, so it would seem logical to us, taking into consideration that it is guidance, that it should be implemented from September 2021.


The Guidelines will not be published on the ARB website until approved by the Board and coordinated feedback from SCHOSA members has been requested by Monday January 11th. 


With this in mind the consideration of SCHOSA members is invited as follows…


Via a `forum` on the website ARB Guidelines where comments can be posted and collated ahead of 

 a specially convened SCHOSA members meeting at 12 noon – 1.00 pm on Friday 8th January – this is the invite.

It is suggested that Heads might wish to disseminate amongst academic staff to gather comments as widely as possible and help to produce a coordinated response. It would be helpful if posts on the website were visible a couple of days before the meeting on the 8th January. 


SCHOSA will in addition invite the ARB to attend the SCHOSA members event scheduled for Friday 29th January to review the situation. 


Draft Fire Safety Guidelines for Institutions

Draft Sustainability Guidelines for Institutions

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